A homeowner always has a list of things to do around the house! As the holidays are done and spring is fast approaching, your mind is running overboard with all the things you need to do. What budget do you have? What would you like to see done? What needs to be done?

Here’s a brief list. Do any of these sound familiar?

1. I will build a patio or deck (they’re easier to build than you think).
2. I will install a water garden (it can be cheaper than you think).
3. I will have limbing work done on any trees that present a hazard.
4. I will define my landscape design tastes and implement them.
5. I will grow some plants that will enhance my fall landscape design.
6. I will provide maximum visual interest for the winter landscape.
7. I will stop complaining about watering and instead work on improving my water conservation.
8. I will stop complaining about mowing the lawn and instead explore low-maintenance alternatives to lawns.
9. I will stop complaining about garden pests and take preventive measures against them.
10. (I’ve saved the most important New Year’s resolution for last:) I will fully enjoy my yard, rather than being a slave to its upkeep. I will “stop to smell the roses.”

When it comes to landscape design, talk to the pros! Be sure to call Advance Landscape at 414-483-0299.

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