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In 1980, while Frank Kleczka was in highschool, he started a landscape business with his friend. They used their only materials, a lawn mower and truck, to cut their neighbors grass and do other small jobs. Eventually Frank and his partner went separate ways but Frank continued the lawn care side of the business.

Now that the business was continuing to grow, Frank's Dad helped him decide on a name, Advance Landscape and Maintenance, and they purchased a piece of land at 5970 S Howell Ave. Frank used an old semi-trailer in the back of the lot as his workshop.

Frank began buying semi loads of shredded bark and environmental bark for his own jobs, which helped him cut down on cost. Small landscape companies started stopping in and purchasing the bark. The small companies didn't have a place to store large quantities of bark and Advance was centrally located. This is how the retail garden center started.


Today the Advance Landscape Center continues to add large varieties of high quality and affordable materials to local residents and landscape contractors to service all of your gardening and landscaping needs.

Frank Kleczka Owner - Advance Landscape Center

Whether you are a new customer or a returning customer looking to freshen an existing landscape or designing for a new property, we would be pleased to work with you.

We pride ourselves with providing same day deliveries. We will deliver 1-80 yards of material on one truck depending on the material.

We enjoy participating in neighborhood events, donating our expertise and materials to local schools and providing excellent service on a daily basis to all of customers. Kindness and generosity will always be the cornerstone of our family business.

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